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Sabayang Pagbigkas Para sa Batang Malaya 2016 - Contest Mechanics

Contest Mechanics for Sabayang Pagbigkas Para sa Batang Malaya | World Day Against Child Labor sa Pilipinas 2016 | 8 November 2016


1. The Speech Choir Competition shall be open to all high school students, public and private, as well as children from community-based organizations who are below 18 years old from Regions NCR, III, and IV-A.

2. Participating schools or community-based organizations can send one team composed of 15-20 members including students/children in charge with props.

3. Community-based organizations shall submit proof of registration or accreditation by any government accrediting agency.

4. The school principal or head of the community-based organization or his/ her authorized representative shall submit the names of team members to the NCLC Secretariat through e-mail ( or fax (528-0119) not later than 7 October 2016 using the attached registration form. Participants must also show proof of identity (such as school ID) at the registration booth during the competition.

5. There shall be one (1) contest piece in Filipino which can be downloaded from the Child Labor Knowledge Sharing System (CLKSS) website (

6. Costumes and props shall be allowed.

7. No recorded music or sound effects shall be used.

8. The criteria for judging are as follows:

a) Interpretation (manner in which the piece is internalized & presented) - 30  %

b) Delivery (quality of voice, fluency, pronunciation, blending & harmony) - 30  %

c) Stage Presence (stage poise, eye contact & audience impact)  - 20  %

d) Costume & Sound Effects (attire is related to concept, sound production) - 10  %

e) Mastery of Piece -  10 %

9. There shall be two (2) components in the competition namely: Preliminary Round and Final Round.

Preliminary Round

10. The first 20 teams to register by 7 October 2016 will qualify for the preliminary round which shall be held on 21 October 2016 at a venue in Metro Manila.

11.  The participating teams shall perform the first eight (8) stanzas of the contest piece. The performance of each team shall not exceed seven (7) minutes.

12.  The top 12 teams during the preliminary round shall advance to the final round.

Final Round

13.  The final round shall be held during the World Day Against Child Labor celebration on 8 November 2016.

14.  The qualifying teams shall perform the whole contest piece. The performance of each team shall not exceed ten (10) minutes inclusive of ingress and start of egress.


Champion – PhP 20,000.00

1st Runner-up – PhP 10,000.00

2nd Runner-up – PhP 5,000.00


Trophies shall also be given to all the winning teams.

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