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Reporting Child Labor

This feature of CLKSS is very important in integrating with the Child Labor Monitoring System. The goal of this service is to allow concerned individuals to inform appropriate agencies of child labor incidence in the community. Please take a moment to assess whether the incident you will be reporting is indeed child labor, based on the definition of DOLE Department Order 65-04. It says that “Child labor” refers to any work or economic activity performed by a child that subjects him/her to any form of exploitation or is harmful to his/her health and safety or physical, mental or psycho-social development.

Please use this tool:

Quick Child Labor Incident Assessment

Please proceed by clicking on the link to the forms below:

Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous Child Labor Report Form

Use the link above to report a Child Labor Incident as an anonymous user.  Your report will be verified by the CLKSS Child Labor Incident Team before a Child Labor Incident will be filed.

Portal Members

Child Labor Report Form

If you have a user account in this portal, you can use the above link to file a report.  The report will be attributed to your account.  The same with anonymous reports, the Child Labor Incident Team will verify the report.

Child Labor Incident Team

The forms below are for use by the CLI Team only after a report has been verified.

Child Laborer Form

This form for entering a child in the child laborers database should be accomplished before the Child Labor Incident Form below.

Child Labor Incident Form

Form used for managing interventions for confirmed child labor reports.

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