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on the "stop and shoot against child labor photo competition at St. Scholastica's College

It is always an honor to be in the company of deans, professors and the academe — I get a feeling of being wise. Then again It is also a privilege to be in the company of the youth — with young ladies like you, because you make me feel like I am young again. Several times I have stopped counting my age. First was when I was 24, since according to the UN, it’s the cutoff age for the youth, the core youth, aged 15 (which is the employable age in the Philippines, too) to 24. Next time I tried to stop counting was when I was 30, because that’s how the Philippine Youth in Nation Building Act defined the youth — up to age 30. Then next was at 35, because for the international trade union movement, where I belong, where the Federation of Free Workers (FFW) is a part of, 35 year-olds are still considered young workers. But I can’t stop the clock forever and conceal my age. Prof. Wowie (of St. Scholastica’s College Department of Mass Communication) has revealed that we met in college. Go figure!
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