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Anti-Trafficking Program

Program Details

Setting up Halfway Houses for Trafficked Women and Children at the Ports and beyond. To curb local trafficking in the country, VF set up strategic Halfway Houses in various seaports across the archipelago in cooperation with the Philippines Ports Authority. These port halfway houses provide a center-based package of protective services. Through this strategy, VF documents cases of trafficking within the country and cases bound for abroad.

VF also mobilizes and builds the capacity of port community through the Anti-Trafficking Taskforce at the Port. To prevent trafficking, VF advocates in source communities and transit routes through tri-media information dissemination campaigns. To bring the issue of trafficking beyond the ports, VF established the Multi-Sectoral Network Against Trafficking in Persons (MSNAT), a national civil society-led initiative that aims to provide direct action, build capacities of partners, advocate for policy reforms and network with local and international agencies.

Program Manager

Ma. Cecilia Flores-Obaenda


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