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Wimler Partnership for Social Progress Inc.

Partner Type

Non-Governmental Organization

Areas of Interest


Key Officials

  • Leila Rispens-Noel, President and co-Founder
  • Alpha Vargas Lajato, Vice-President
  • Amelita Balisalisa Atillo, Secretary
  • Lydia Doromal, Treasurer
  • Atty. Angelisa Razo, Member
  • Dr. Duane Salud, Member
  • Ma. Lourdes Tiangco, Member

Organizational Mandate

We envision a world where people have access to a decent standard of living and the opportunities to develop their full human potentials and participate actively in building a society where men and women, young and old, live in dignity and without poverty. We envision a world where common people, public and private sectors work hand in hand for mutual benefit by harnessing our natural resources, skills, and opportunities in a sustainable manner that could contribute to improving the quality of life for the present and future generation. We build partnerships for development with like-minded individuals and organizations at the local, national, and international levels.



WIMLER believes that: Poor people have the right to improved quality of life and active participation in the society. Our work should focus on building and strengthening community-based organizations. The legitimate aspirations of the local organizations should be valued, promoted, encouraged, and respected. The community-based organizations should be actively involved in deciding the types of programs and services that are good for them. Sustainable development is achievable if development is actively supported by local communities based on local ownership, mutual respect, and trust. Entrepreneurial projects and job-creating acitivities with broad ground-level support could make a difference in the lives of the poor.

OPERATIONAL OBJECTIVES To achieve its mission, WIMLER works to:

1. Support community-based self-help initiatives (e.g. microfinance and other livelihood projects) and to promote sustainable development.

2. Provide capacity-building, development and skills training that enhance social and economic empowerment of the local communities.

3. Help the local people to help themselves through practical application of local knowledge and resources to improve their quality of life.

4. Provide educational assistance to deserving children and out-of-school youth. Link locally-based organizations with external donors and to leverage funding to support various community projects but also work towards their self-sustainability.

5. Provide technical assistance and consultancy services.

6. Promote the philosophy and principles of corporate social responsibility for the benefit of grassroots communities.

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