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Visayan Forum Foundation Inc (VFFI)

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Non-Governmental Organization

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Organizational Mandate

Our Vision and Mission


A world where vulnerable migrants are free, protected and empowered.


Mission 1: To develop and share models of interventions in source, transit and destination areas to reduce vulnerabilities to human trafficking, domestic servitude, slavery and other forms of exploitation.

Mission 2: To enhance core programs and specialized services to ensure the transformation of individuals from conditions of vulnerability to a state of empowerment.

Mission 3.To build and facilitate social movements that address root causes which perpetuate abuse and exploitation.

Mission 4: To advocate for the public and private sectors to adopt policies and effective measures that promote concrete, practical and sustainable solutions.

Mission 5: To promote international solidarity for awareness, action and resource sharing and mobilization.



VF at a Glance

Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc. (VF) is a Philippine-based NGO established in 1991 known for its innovative work for empowerment of vulnerable migrants especially victims of human trafficking, domestic servitude and other forms of exploitation through building social movements, advocating for policies and delivering of services.

VF is recognized for its pioneering efforts in advocating the recognition, development and full legal protection of domestic workers in the Philippines. It has helped organize the Samahan at Ugnayan ng mga Manggagawang Pantahanan sa Pilipinas (SUMAPI), a national organization of domestic workers. VFFI, along with SUMAPI and its local and international partners, has been lobbying for the passage of the Batas Kasambahay (Domestic Worker’s Bill) in order to uplift the situation of our local domestic workers by ensuring their well-being and protection.

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