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University of Eastern Philippines

Partner Type

Research and Academic Institute

Areas of Interest

Advocacy, Education , IT

Key Officials

University President: Rolando A. Delorino, Ph.D.

Organizational Mandate

The University of Eastern Philippines is the only comprehensive university in the Eastern Visayas Region.  It began as the Catarman Farm School in September 1918 in a 516-hectare site of forested mountains and rice fields facing the Pacific Ocean. Through the years it underwent changes in the name based on its source of funds. In 1964, this institution was transformed into a university.


In 1999 the Pedro Rebadulla Memorial Agricultural College (PRMAC) and the Laoang National Trade School (LNTS) formerly CHED-supervised institutions were integrated into the University.  Since then, they have been operating as UEP PRMC, Catubig and UEP-Laoang under the UEP System.


It currently offers 87 course programs including graduate courses; 43 of which have different levels of accreditation with the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP), and paving the way for institutional level accreditation as it pursues the vision of a world-class university. As of 2007, student population has reached 12,000 and is increasing annually. Implementing the mandate of the university is nearly 800 workforce, both teaching and non-teaching.


UEP has the following objectives:

  1. Provide innovative teaching approaches to manpower development through instruction, research, extension, production/resource generation in promoting the development needs of the region.
  2. Streamline the institutional capability towards academic responsibility and accountability in planning, implementation and monitoring of programs and projects.
  3. Strengthen and enhance institutional revenue-generating capability towards self-reliance.
  4. Develop strategic partnerships with institutions, public and alumni to provide a niche in innovative programs and activities.
  5. Motivate the moral of the UEP constituents through social and economic and cultural enrichment of both faculty and staff and students.

Its importance to the region and the country is not solely on its instructional thrusts but also on its relevant research and extension service activities, averaging 400 a year, garnering local, national and international awards in the process.


One of the significant linkages established by UEP is with the UNICEF program in the province. This resulted to the construction, seven years back, of a community radio, the DYNS-Huni FM station, right in the campus.  This station is under the direct supervision of a manager who is a member of the Communications Department of the College of Arts and Communication.


In 2008, the university policy-making body approved the creation of the University Publication and Media Affairs Office (UPMAO) directly under the office of the University President. This office ensures the publication of the university newsletter/newsmagazine and the journal of the Center for Samar Studies; and very recently, collaborates with the UEP Management Information System (MIS) unit in the operation and management of the university website.



Address: Catarman, 6400 Northern Samar

Phone: (055) 251 8008

E-mail address:

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