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Tambayan Center for Children's Rights, Inc.

Partner Type

Non-Governmental Organization

Areas of Interest


Key Officials

BOT Chairman                    : Norma T. Javellana

BOT Vice Chairman           : Yasmin Zorayda Quitain- Teves

BOT Secretary                     : Alfredo P. Medina

BOT Treasurer                    : Maria Theresa Linda P. Montanez

BOT Auditor                          : Iluminada S. Ramoso

Executive Director               : Editha O. Casiple

Program Manager              : Ilyn L. Dumancas

Organizational Mandate

Tambayan – which means HANG OUT in Cebuano. It is aptly used in street children lingo, commonly rererred to a place somewhere in streets where they converge for social interaction.

Hence, the name Tambayan Center for children’s rights, Inc. (formerly Tambayan Center for the Care of Abused Children, Inc.) or Tambayan for short, is a place that offers psycho-social services to street girls.  It is a place:

-  Where street girls can be themselves;

-Where their need for peer-group bonding is accepted; -Where they can talk with supportive adults regarding issues that they confront as girls and adolescent; -A space where they can develop self-confidence and heal traumas of abuse; -And where they can be aware of their risk taking behaviour and become empowered to take control over their lives, rebuild it and live in dignity and free abuse and exploitation.


Tambayan Center works in partnership with abused girls in the streets believing that they themselves are the best resource in attaining the mission.  This is based on the knowledge that the abused girls in the streets have the inherent capacities for survival and can assume responsibilities as fully participating members of society when giving the appropriate support to make free and informed choices.

Tambayan Center believes that the problem of abused girls in the streets is a social indicator of the kind of society we live in, since it mirrors complex societal issues like inequitable distribution of wealth, dysfunctional families brought about by rural migration, inequitable gender relations and exploitation of women.

Tambayan Center believes that society has to acknowledge and address the problems of abused girls in the streets in this broader context.


Envisions a society which is compassionate to children and fully respects their human rights – ensuring full harmonious development of their personality, responding to their needs for survival, protecting them from neglect and abuse, and nurturing their participation by ensuring freedom of expression and access to information.


Tambayan Center commits to provide psychosocial help to abused girls in the streets in order to strengthen their inherent capacity to survive and broaden their options to live a more meaningful life of their own choice.



Address              : 63 Artiaga St., Davao City

telefax  #              : (082) 222-1025

e-mail add          :

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