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Federation of Free Workers (FFW)

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Trade Union

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Advocacy, Legal

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Organizational Mandate

The Federation of Free Workers (FFW) was founded on 19 June 1950 by a group of young, idealistic, sincere and dedicated labor leaders led by Juan C. Tan, who were inspired by the Christian teachings of Rev. Fr. Walter G. Hogan, S.J. (†), thus becoming the first labor federation which appeals to and draws its inspirations from the social doctrines and principles of Christianity.

Leading to the emergence of FFW, two types of unionism dominated the Philippine labor movement. These were the corporate type and transmission-belt type of unionism. Unionism was then in bondage. Furthermore, labor relations then was characterized by compulsory arbitration rather than by free collective bargaining.

Under these circumstances, an alternative labor organization was born: the Federation of Free Workers. It was founded in response to the growing oppression and marginalization of labor and exploitative social structures and arrangements. It counteracted pseudo-labor leaders and opportunists, racketeers, communists, oppressive employers and even by the government.



1943 Taft Ave., Malate 1004, Manila, Philippines
Tel # (63 2) 521-9435; (63 2) 521-9464; (63 2) 400-6656
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