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National Council of Social Development (NCSD) Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.

Partner Type

Non-Governmental Organization

Areas of Interest


Key Officials

Ms. Marian L. Opeña

Officer - In - Charge;

Organizational Mandate

NCSD is established in 1949. Formerly known as the Council of Welfare Agencies in the Philippines (CWAPI). Recorded as the beginning of NGO network in the Philippines. Formally organized in 1952 by a group of Filipino leaders to respond to the aftermath of World War II. Duly licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development For 61 years now, the council expanded the network of NGOs / POs locally / internationally in partnership with GO’s. Continues to be a network of social services and social development agencies/organizations. Demonstrated capacity to undertake capacity building, advocacy & social mobilization activities. Influences change in national policies and development programs. An accredited NGO by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC)


A dynamic community of social welfare and development agencies, effectively collaborating to attain total human development.


To promote organizational sustainability and enhance the institutional, professional and technical competence of partner organizations for the effective coordination and delivery of programs and services for children.


  1. Consolidate the network of social and development agencies, peoples’ organizations, and children and youth associations as a force for collective action, facilitating the sharing of information, resources, experiences, and expertise among members to improve their service delivery and impact on the community.
  2. Undertake and promote research on innovative approaches and alternative development strategies for pilot-testing and replication
  3. Widen access to and improve generation of financial resources by member organizations to ensure operational viability and program sustainability.
  4. Promote, conduct and support pro-active and sustained advocacy on key social welfare and development issues, legislation and implementation of laws and regulations affecting children and their families.



Committed to Good Governance

Stewardship of Resources

Dedicated to Shared Responsibilities





  1. CNSP – street children, children victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, children in conflict with the law, child labor, child trafficking, and out of school
  2. Disadvantaged and marginalized families in both rural and urban areas
  3. Women in need of special protection


  1. Children in Severe Poverty in Urban Areas
  2. 2. Children with Disabilities
  3. Street Children
  4. Children in Severe Poverty in Rural Areas
  5. Children and Youth Association
  6. Children form Indigenous People, Muslim Groups
  7. Working Children and Victims of Child Labor
  8. Child Victims of Abuse
  9. Abandoned and Neglected Children
  10. Trafficked Children
  11. Children in Armed Conflict




National Council of Social Development Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (NCSD)
Unit 12, 12th Floor, Kassel Condominium
2625 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila
Tel: +632 3542903; Fax: +632 3538466
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