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Mindanao Coalition for Children's Rigths -MCCR

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Advocacy Groups

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Key Officials

SP04 Ma.Rosario Yambao-Suarez- President, MCCR

Mr. Paolo Naval, Public Information Officer, MCCR

Prof.Alexander Apit-Executive Director, Kamayan Development Foundation, Past Chairperson Mindanao Working Group, National Coalition Against Child Labor in Commercial Agriculture.

Organizational Mandate

Our former name was  National Coalition Against Child Labor in Commercial Agriculture NCACLCA)-Mindanao Working Group,.  now called Mindanao Coalition  for Children's Rights(MCCR) Anniversary date November 20, 2009 during the celebration of UNCRC Day We are a coalition of various organizations, National Government Agencies, NGO's, Civic, Professional, Inter-Faith, Academe, Barangay Children's Association (BCA) and Youth Association,Volunteer Groups and People's Organizations promoting for children's rights, working in making a difference for the lives of the children, educating the community and help makes the families a home for every children.



facebook account: Mindanao Coalition for children's RIghts

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