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LGU - Compostela Valley

Partner Type

Government Agency

Areas of Interest

Monitoring and Evaluation, Local Government

Key Officials

Provincial Governor: Hon. Arturo T. Uy

Provincial Vice Governor: Hon. Manuel E. Zamora

House Representative, 1st District: Hon. Maria Carmen Z. Apsay

House Representative, 2nd District: Hon. Rommel C. Amatong

Organizational Mandate

Compostela Valley, the 78th province in the country, was carved out of Davao del Norte Province by virtue of Republic Act No. 8470, signed by President Fidel V. Ramos on January 30, 1998. On March 7 of the same year, the law was ratified through a plebiscite conducted in the twenty-two (22) municipalities of the mother province.

“Compostela Valley is a dynamic, empowered and God-loving province where citizens enjoy a better quality of life, with security and equal access to economic, social opportunities, and infrastructure programs/services, within the context of responsive governance, participatory, democracy and sustainable development anchored on principled leadership”



“Provide open, transparent, and accessible government and to deliver basic services so everyone can enjoy a better quality of life”


We, the officials and employees of the Provincial Government of Compostela Valley hereby pledge to commit ourselves, our talents, time and abilities to render genuine public service.

We will be prompt, polite, courteous, facilitative and coordinative in serving every constituent of the province thereby giving high regard to the honor, value, dignity and importance of our clients.

We will deliver unconditional public service for the general welfare of everyone regardless of creed, race, gender, belief, political affiliation and social status.

We will ensure that taxpayers’ money will be appropriately and justly invested in the delivery of public service for progress and development of the province.



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