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Department of Health (DOH)

Government Agency

Advocacy, Health


The leader of health for all in the Philippines.


Guarantee equitable, sustainable and quality health for all Filipinos, especially the   poor, and to lead the quest for excellence in health.

The recent change in political leadership provides the Philippines with the chance to revitalize the health care system. This is in line with the administration’s thrust to prioritize delivery of services to the masses and improve the quality of life of all Filipinos, especially the poor. The differences in health status among various groups and regions in the country have widened through the years. These disparities indicate deficient economic and social policies, showing the need to reprioritize interventions to promote equity, fairness and immediate action. Unnecessary and unfair gaps in the health care delivery system that deprive the poor of access to basic services must be reduced. The system must work efficiently to reach the highest possible health standards that can be shared by all Filipinos, given the limited resources available for health. Although socioeconomic differences significantly influence health status, the equitable distribution of quality health services is an
important measure of fairness in the country. Revitalizing the health care system must be seen within the broader context of several forces affecting the delivery of basic health services in the past two decades. Among these factors are the devolution of health services to local governments, passage of national legislation for universal coverage for health through social insurance, the epidemiologic shift and current double burden of disease brought about by the rise in degenerative diseases and the reemergence of previously controlled infectious diseases, demographic trends pointing to longer life span, greater number of adolescents and youth, rapid urbanization, industrialization, environmental
degradation and climate change. Under these realities, the health sector must work to attain a common vision of health for all Filipinos. Its mission is to ensure accessibility and quality of health care to improve the quality of life of all Filipinos, especially the poor.

Dr. ENRIQUE T. ONASecretary of Health

Dr. NEMESIO T. GAKO - Undersecretary of Health, Administration Technical Cluster

Dr. TEODORO J. HERBOSA - Undersecretary of Health, Area Cluster Undersecretary for NCR and Southern Luzon

Dr. JANETTE L. GARIN - Undersecretary of Health, Women, children and family health cluster

Dr. LILIBETH C. DAVID - OIC, Undersecretary of Health, Health policy finance and research development cluster

Dr. GERARDO V. BAYUGO - Assistant Secretary of Health, Area cluster assistant secretary for Northern and Central Luzon

Dr. ELMER G. PUNZALAN - Assistant Secretary of Health, Office for Special Concerns

Dr. PAULYN JEAN B. ROSELL-UBIAL - Assistant Secretary of Health, Area Cluster Assistant Secretary For Visayas

Dr. ENRIQUE A. TAYAG - Assistant Secretary of Health Designate, Support to service delivery technical cluster II

Dr. ROMULO A. BUSUEGO - Assistant Secretary of Health Designate, Area cluster assistant Secretary for Mindanao

Dr. ROLAND L. CORTEZ - Assistant Secretary of Health Designate, Support to Service Delivery Technical Cluster I

Ms. BLESILDA A. GUTIERREZ - Assistant Secretary of Health Designate, Internal Finance Management Technical Cluster

Dr. JAIME Y. LAGAHID - Director III (NCDPC-IDO); Head Executive Assistant

Dr. KADIL M. SINOLINDING - Secretary of Health, Department of Health - Autonomous Region For Muslim Mindanao

ATTY. NICOLAS B. LUTERO III - Assistant Secretary of Health Designate, Support to Service Delivery Cluster III


San Lazaro Compound, Sta. Cruz, Manila

Tel nos. (+632) 651-7800

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