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Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP)

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Employer Organization

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Organizational Mandate

Unifying employers to a common ideal of national prosperity amid industrial peace, the EMPLOYERS CONFEDERATION OF THE PHILIPPINES takes the lead in consolidating and articulating the employers’ interest in matters concerning labor-management relations and socio-economic development.

ECOP strives to achieve this by meeting the following specific objectives:

-  Formulate and recommend policy proposals on all issues affecting labor-management    relations, as well as on other social and economic policy questions before government    agencies and tripartite councils in regional, national, and international conferences 
-  Enhance professional and ethnical management practices and standards for effective    and harmonious labor-management relations 
-  Encourage and ensure the success of the tripartite consultation machinery to enable    workers, employers and government to work harmoniously and effectively towards    greater productivity and national progress 
-  Promote corporate social responsibility based on enlightened self-interest
-  Assist employers in continuously strengthening labor-management relations and    improving productivity and competitiveness




3rd Floor ECC Building, 355 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City 1200

Telephone Numbers: 897.5295; 890.4847; 896.5006; 895.8576; 890.9483

Fax number: 895.8576


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