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Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Standard (BAFS)

Partner Type

Government Agency

Areas of Interest

Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy

Key Officials


OIC Executive Director

Tel. 456 6552

Email: /

Organizational Mandate

  • Formulate and enforce standards of quality in the processing, preservation, packaging, labeling, importation, exportation, distribution, and advertising of agricultural and fisheries products;

  • Conduct research on product standardization, alignment of the local standards with the international standards, and;

  • Conduct regular inspection of processing plants, storage facilities, abattoirs, as well as public and private markets in order to ensure freshness, safety and quality of products.



BPI cmpd., Visayas Ave., Diliman Quezon City

Tel Nos. 455-0031 / 455-2858

Fax: 455-0031 / 455-2858

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