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Bukidnon Press Club

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Key Officials

President - Walter I. Balane 
Vice President - Armando C. Benabaye
Secretary - Ana Ninfa Bago-Caballero
Asst. Sec. - Mildred Torrejas
Treasurer - Nonita P. Rosales
Asst. Treasurer - Anabelle Tenorio
Auditor - Pacifico Estore Jr.
Asst. Auditor - Anecito Romano 
Media Coordinator - Rudy Tagimacruz
Asst. Media Coordinator - Hermelio Tapdasan

Organizational Mandate

To serve journalists and media workers in the province of Bukidnon; to help professionalize the news media and to serve as training provider to members; to serve as link between the journalists as a group with the community in general




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