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Strengthening and Capability Building of the BCPC: A Seminar-Workshop

One hundred twenty-three members of the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children from 18 BCPC of 1 City and 2 Municipalities of Quezon successfully completed the seminar-workshop on “Strengthening and Capability Building of the BCPC” held last April23, 25 and 27 in Calauag, Catanauan and Lucena respectively.
Strengthening and Capability Building of the BCPC: A Seminar-Workshop

Calauag Participants on the BCPC Seminar Workshopop

The seminar-workshop is a component part of the DOLE Action Programme “Taking Children Out of Child Labor through a Functional and Institutionalized Child Labor Monitoring and Integrated Services Delivery System in the Communities” in order to prepare the BCPC on its pivotal role as the principal body in the implementation of the said action programme.

The event  though initiated by the DOLE as an Implementing Agency of the International Labour Organization's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour was the result of the collaboration of the different Implementing Agencies under the Provincial Child Labor Committee (PCLC) – Quezon made possible through planning integration.

The first part of the seminar-workshop are lectures on different child labor related topics and were facilitated by the representatives of LSWDO – Monina Loria (Calauag), Althea De Luna Santiago (Catanauan) and Emelita Madla (Lucena) – who gave lecture on the rights of the children; DOLE Action Programme project coordinator Teresa Pamela C. Palma who discussed RA 9231, the CLM-ISDS and the role of BCPC in CLM-ISDS; Cecille Colarina of ILO-Quezon who talked about the situation of child labor and child labor struggles and the representatives of DILG – Reginaldo Revilla(Calauag), Fe Roales (Catanauan), Vilma De Torres (Lucena) who discussed the legal basis of BCPC and its tasks and responsibilities.

The second part is the BCPC planning workshop. In the workshop, every BCPC was tasked to formulate a Plan of Action for the period May 2012 to December 2012. Based on the DILG lecture that data gathering is the first and foremost task of the BCPC, the planning workshop specifically focus in addressing the data gathering on the situation of the children and Child Labor in their respective barangays. Also highlighted are funding that includes maximization of 1% IRA allocated for BCPC, refocusing of the SK fund so that substantial portion of their 50% budget is allocated to child labor related projects, and sourcing from provincial and national government offices. One big activity proposed in the BCPC Lucena workshop is for the ILO to work out with the provincial government in organizing a Quezon-wide Youth Congress on Child Labor.

The DILG-Calauag multi-media approach using a video entitled “Bisipising Gumagalaw” created by ABK2 Initiative and a colorful and lively power point presentation in discussing the legal basis, tasks and responsibilities of the BCPC was well appreciated.

The support of the LGU in the Catanauan seminar workshop was commendable. The office of the mayor sent representative and all the Barangay captains and majority of their councilors were present.

In the Lucena seminar workshop, the all-out support of the DepEd in the preparation resulted with the big participants coming from the ALPS teachers. The seminar-workshop in all the three areas ended with the participants realizing and accepting the important role of BCPC in the success of a community based child-labor struggle.

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