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CWC @ 40

The Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC), an active partner of the Philippine Program Against Child Labor, celebrated its 40th year anniversary in December. Over four (4) decades of its existence, CWC has been able to show its leadership as inter-agency body on children, mandated to formulate and evaluate policies, coordinate and monitor the implementation and enforcement of all laws and programs on children.
CWC @ 40

CWC family with Usec. Taradji

The Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) celebrated its 40th year anniversary in December led by OIC Executive Director Patricia B. Luna with the presence of former Council Board Chairperson Sec. Corazon Alma De Leon, and former CWC Executive Director Brenda S. Vigo.  An Anniversary Message was delivered by DSWD Undersecretary Parisya H. Taradji who represented Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman, the CWC present chairperson of the CWC Board.  The event highlighted with the following activities:  Mass with Reverend Father Willy Atienza, Parish Priest of Sta. Teresita Parish Church; Unveiling of Mural Painting at the CWC Hall way with the support from Romnick Toledo of U.P. College of Fine Arts and members of the Art Association of the Philippines, UST-College of Fine Arts and Design, Junior Chapter 2014-2015; Appreciation to representative of National Government Partners and Awarding of Certificate of Appreciation to Non-Government Organizations, and CWC Staffers with twenty (20) and above years of service.

Another highlight of the celebration is the AVP presentation of CWC achievement/milestones over four (4) decades of its existence, CWC has been able to show its leadership as inter-agency body on children, mandated to formulate and evaluate policies, coordinate and monitor the implementation and enforcement of all laws and programs on children:

Policy and Plan Formulation.  The formulation of plans and frameworks that promote and safeguard the rights of Filipino children such as the Plan of Action for the Decade of the Filipino Child (1977-1987), the 1990’s Philippine Plan of Action for Children (PPAC) and the Philippine National Strategic Framework for Plan Development for Children (2000-2025) or “CHILD 21” and its medium term 1st and 2nd National Plans of Action for Children, National Strategic Framework for Action to End Violence Against Children, Medium Term Strategic Framework on the Girl-Child, National Framework on Child Participation, Philippine National Comprehensive Plan for the Protection of Children, and ADVOCOM Plan for Children.

Initiated formulation and advocate for the passage of child protection laws such as Special Protection of Children Act (RA 7610), National Barangay Day Care Law (RA 6972), Early Childhood Care and Development Law (RA 8980); Family Courts Act (RA 8369), Children’s Television Act (RA 8370, Domestic Adoption Act (RA 8552), issuance of Executive Order 138 series of 2013 (Establishment of Monitoring, Reporting and Response System for Grave Child Rights Violation in Situation of Armed Conflict), CWC Child Protection Policy, Ratification of the 2 Optional Protocols to the CRC on the sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography (2002)and the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict (2003) among others; Adoption of Child 21 through EO 310 which mandated CWC to mainstream Child 21 in the national and local development plan; and, Protocol to reach-out to Street Children crafted.

Also, the country through CWC sponsored the First ASEAN ECCD Seminar in Iloilo that set the ECCD standards for training, curriculum development, ECCD interventions and Full implementation of the ECCD Law in 80 Provinces.

Advocacy and Social Mobilization. The CWC conducted the President’s First National Conference on Children in Malacanang in 1976 and initiated Organization of RSCWCs to ensure enforcement and implementation of laws and other-child related policies nationwide; Award for Outstanding Local Government Units in the implementation of the National Barangay Day Care Law, production of 3 cinema, TV and radio plugs which were aired for free that garnered the most coveted Anvil Awards conferred by the Public relations Officers of the Philippines for three monkeys (on child sexual abuse) and Por Kilo (on child prostitution), “SAY YES” for Children Campaign for the Ten-Point Imperatives for Children in the New Millennium, National Stakeholders’ Summit for Children, and the First ASEAN Children’s Forum, among others.

The CWC also pursued UNICEF- assisted projects or the Country Program for Children (CPC3) that involved advocacy and social mobilization, ECCD, and children in especially difficult circumstances; pioneered work with LGUs which strengthened their involvement and communities in the implementation of programs for children; participation to the World Congress on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in Sweden in 1996 that read the Philippine Statement and Commitment to combat abuse and exploitation; and Asian Summit on Child Rights and the Media organized by CWC with Phil Children’s Television Foundation, Southeast Asian Television Network, UNICEF which highlighted the role of media in child rights promotion and role of child participation in media.

The CWC is actively engaged in eliminating the worst forms of child labor in partnership with DOLE-Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns (BWSC).  CWC as member of National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) actively participated in the different activities of NCLC Sub-Committees.   In fact, CWC chaired the Sub-Com on Strengthening Partnerships and served as member to the Sub-Committee on Child Labor Knowledge Sharing as well as in Mainstreaming and Advocacy.

CWC also spearhead the celebration of special events on children such as the Children’s Month Celebration, National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and Protection and Gender-Fair Treatment of the Girl-Child Week.

Moreover, the CWC started to promote the Child-Friendly Movement in collaboration with UNICEF and conceptualized and embarked on an integrated foundational campaign for children : “BRIGHT CHILD”; Children’s Resource Center developed; Series of Regional consultations  on violence against children (VAC) conducted, as part of the UN Study on VAC; Hosted  and facilitated  conduct of the First ASEAN Children’s Forum; facilitated participation of children delegates to the 2nd and 3rd ACF held in Singapore and Thailand, respectively; Launched of the Child-Friendly Philippines: A Caring and Protective Society for, by and with the Children- the  over-all advocacy and programming framework for children; developed and implement the Community of Practice: established the replication sites and developed the course curriculum; launched and implemented  the Seal on Child-Friendly Local Governance; conducted the Summit of Council and Committees for Children; Organized the Four Cs for Children; organized the RCPWG.

Monitoring and Technical Assistance. Prepared country report namely United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC) Implementation Reports (1st, 2nd and 3rd and 4th) and developed the Subaybay Bata Macro Monitoring System (Macro MS) as an instrument to aid the production of CRC Report and Annual State of the Filipino Children’s Report.

CWC facilitated the conduct of Study on Violence Against Children in School; organized LCPC and Research Consortium; involvement/implementation of the Research and Development, Management Information System and Institutional Development  components of the Early Childhood  Development (ECD) Project with assistance from World Bank and Asian Development Bank; conducted Capacity building efforts  to upgrade the skills and knowledge of CWC Secretariat including its partners: systems design, collaborative network management, and research; conducted Team building exercises for the Secretariat and RSCWCs; developed and managed the ACF website; trained child and youth facilitators and maximized their skills in a number of CWC-led children activities; conducted the Researches such as Financing for Children, LCPC study, and Child and Teenage Pregnancy; Strengthened the RSCWCs and NCPWG.

With the challenge of times bringing emerging issues on children and achieving the vision of a “Child-Friendly Philippines: A Caring and Protective Society for, by and with the Children”, CWC will remain steadfast in its works of ensuring that children remain the priority agenda in government as well in the agenda of its partner Non-Government Organizations, Faith-based Organizations, the private sector, local government units and to our beloved children. | END


Ma. Edna L. Estal

Public Affairs and Information Office

Telephone Nos. 7811035/39 local 1005/1006




Youtube:  CWChildrenOfficial

Twitter:  @CWC_govph

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