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Guidelines in using the photos

We encourage all partners to create advocacy materials using the donated photos but subject to the following conditions:

General Conditions

Only members of the Philippine Program Against Child Labor who have registered in CLKSS are allowed to use the photos donated through this campaign. An email must be sent to the administrator of CLKSS thru to notify intent of usage of the pictures stating for what advocacy material it will be used. A reply will be given within 24-48 hours.

The pictures may be used for any type of advocacy materials: for example websites, publications and posters PROVIDED they are all related to child labor.

All users of the donated photos MUST provided proper attribution by putting the name of the "Photographer" and "Source:"

If to be used for WEBSITE, the user must provide a link to CLKSS ( from any part of the user's website, preferably from the most visible pages.

If to be used for any other type such as publications or posters, the user MUST upload a copy of the published material here at CLKSS under "Resources" and to whichever appropriate sub-folder.

Lastly, we really hope that all of these photos will translate into more materials that will be shared through CLKSS!



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